Dr Bradley O'Connor

Dr O'Connor graduated from Otago University (New Zealand) in 1998. He undertook specialty training in anaesthesia primarily at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne but also undertook training in the UK and in Canada before being granted specialist qualifications in anaesthesia in 2008.

Dr O'Connor has a very strong subspecialty interest in obstetric anaesthesia with a part-time appointment at the Royal Women's Hospital in Parkville, as well as undertaking a substantial quantity of elective and emergency obstetric anaesthesia work in his private practice. He is extensively involved in auditing and data collection at the Royal Women's Hospital with a view to improving quality and safety of clinical processes.

As well as his obstetric anaesthesia work, Dr O'Connor regularly provides anaesthesia in a wide variety of other surgical specialties including gynaecology, plastic/cosmetic surgery, ENT surgery and general surgery.

If you have any concerns about your upcoming anaesthetic with Dr O'Connor, he is always happy to be contacted through Metropolitan Anaesthetic Group to discuss them.